Wednesday, July 29, 2020

100 Generations Let's Play - Episode 3 - The First Day of Work

Episode 3:

March 21st

With nothing to do, I decided to play in the snow for a little bit. It’s softly snowing and it really looks so pretty. Maybe I will do a snow angel and just lay there for a bit. That would be nice. Ooh maybe there are some like odd jobs I could do around the neighbourhood? That will give me some money to be able to fill this empty lot. I stare at the snow… and I shake my head. I will play in the snow later. I need to find something that will give me that money.

I take out my phone from my pocket and scroll through to see if anything pops out at me. Oh! I found a job! Actually I found two!

One is about collecting seashells which would let me travel to Sulani and the other to do some lawn maintenance….which to pick… I think I am going to do the one that has 23 simoleons per hour. It’s just some lawn maintenance …. It can’t be that hard right. Plus it will give me some more money compared to collecting seashells. So I quickly accept the job. It’s starts in a half hour… so I think I will play some video games on my phone and eat some of that…. Fruit cake, I shivered at that thought. It was so gross but it is all the food I have right now.

After playing some mobile games and eating the half hour passed by as quickly as I thought it would. Then I leave to go do some much need lawn maintenance… in winter… where there is snow… why do they need lawn maintenance at a time like this?

I come back dejectedly.

Okay, that was just plain dumb…. I still don’t know how they have grass to begin with! I had to mow their lawn. I didn’t see it okay. It was hidden so well. I didn’t mean to run over that sprinkler.

And now I am tired and grouchy. it’s time to sleep… on this pathetic bench.


March 22nd

I wake up and decided to have some of this gross fruit cake since it’s the only thing I have. And chill… here in the cold… Why did I decide to do this? Especially in the middle of winter! I need to get some money… and quickly, gladly I start my first day soon. Then hopefully I will get a promotion and then a raise. Oh I am getting so excited for this.  I should play games on my phone though… it is a requirement to play some games before work apparently. You know to raise those gamer skills!

Well time for work! I’m so nervous! It’s my first day!

Annnd I run into a thing at work… ugh and on my first day too! I work in a help center and the first person I get… well let’s just say I recognize his name… Jerry McGee. My first ex-boyfriend and of course I got stuck with him… what should I do?

Should I be professional and just do my job or should I pass him along to my co-workers and make up a lame excuse as to why I can’t help him?

Hmm I think I will ask profession cause I am at work, it would look bad if I said I couldn’t take him, considering he is my first one without someone directly helping out. Maybe he won’t even know it is me?

And I was right! He didn’t even know! I did such a great job helping him out that I manage to gain for positive performance yay! My co-workers were so impressed with me know exactly what he wanted… I’m not going to let them know I knew him. It will ruin the secret!

Now that work is over and I got some simoleons in my pocket! I’m going to check if I can buy a tent. I pull out my phone and search for tent prices…and I still don’t have enough to buy one. Holy, these tents are expensive! Whelp… gotta fix that soon, but first I need to clean myself up… I think I am going to go to the gym and take a shower. Maybe meet someone there…… who knows really!?

Time passes

I get to the gym and well… I’m a little disappointed. There weren’t any cute boys there. Oh well, I guess it’s a bit of a good thing. When I go exercise. I would feel self-conscious about myself. That’s a plus right? But first… I need a shower. I know I will get smelly again but I really don’t want to smell that bad while I am working out. Oh maybe I will try some boxing. It looks like a lot of fun.

Right Ryleah! I need to shower first.

Time passes

Ohh this was a really good workout! But I am starving and exhausted. I glance up from the equipment and notice some cutes guys watching me. Oh I recognize some of them. They were at the café! Maybe I should go say hi… but I really need to … well … you… release the fluids. Oh maybe a quick hello and then I will run.

More time passes

Okay… maybe there was some more needs that needed to be fixed but they are all done! Now I just need to work on that gaming skills before work! Which starts in 2 hours. I can’t believe I spent the night here. The couches weren’t that bad. I might need to do that again… if I don’t get a promotion today…. Oh I hope I get a promotion!

March 23rd

I come back from work super excited. I got a promotion! I am so happy! They thought I was doing a stellar job so here I am climbing up my ranks.

Now I have enough money for a tent! I am so excited. No more sleeping on cold benches for me! Now I get to sleep on the cold ground in a tent. I rather that the Brindleton Bay’s frosty wind whipping around me!

I quickly scan my phone and found a tent that I absolutely adore. Its cheetah print purple! I honestly love it. They deliver it so quickly! I set up my tent and Tada! I have a new home. Gah… I’m moving forward in my life. I am so giddy!

I also have some extra money left over… Maybe I will build a room that will hold my shower. Then I won’t have to keep going to the gym. Wouldn’t that be so exciting!

Oh… I built the room but, I don’t have enough for the actual shower. Oh well I can last one more day without a shower. I at least have my first room. I am ecstatic. Ryleah Valentia here I come!

Well, now that excitement wore off maybe I should clean up my dirty plates before I go to sleep. I am so tired.

March 24-26

The next few days were spent in a cycle. Work, Gym, Library, Sleep. Over and over again. I saw Cameron once but it seemed like he didn’t see me wave. Oh well. There’s always next time right. Nothing really interesting has happened since I started my job. Who know maybe sometime in the future it will be pack full of crazy shenanigans … only time will tell…

To be continued...

Tuesday, May 12, 2020

100 Generations Legacy Challenge: Episode 2:

March 20th, 2020

Ryleah decided that instead of shower she was hungry. So she began her adventures to a cute little café in Windenburg. She could meet cute guys and eat food. It’s honestly a win-win situations. She makes her way to the counter and realizes that she couldn’t have been more right! The cutest guy was working the counter and damn he is fiiine. He’s going to be serving her. She could count herself the luckiest girl here. Two cute guys in one night out! She’s so glad she moved out here!

“Hi, what can I get you?” He smiles at her. She sees it as a flirty smile but in his mind he gave the ordinary smile that you give to customers’ day in and day out.

“Hi, Um…can I get the cannoli please?” she smiles shyly.

“Sure things that’s 7 simoleons,” she hands him the money and she moves aside. Ryleah sad that the moment was so brief.

“Here you go!” His chipper customer’s service voice spoke beside her and passed her the dessert cannoli.


She goes and sits down.

As she was eating the café started to fill with more and more people.

“Hey, do you mind I sit here?”

Ryleah looks up to see another handsome man standing beside her.

“No go ahead” she smiles at him. He smiles back and slides into the chair beside her.

“I’m Marcus, by the way, what’s your name?” he asks. He held his hand out.

“Oh my name is Ryleah” She shakes his hand.

They talked for a while and soon they both got up.

“I was going to go to the pool, would you like to come?” Ryleah asks.

He nods and they both depart to go to the pool.


Once they arrived at the pool, Ryleah realized that she wanted to smell pretty for Marcus, it’s has been a few days since she showered, and she knows she needs one. She heads to the basement lockers and takes a shower.

However once she finish showering, Marcus is nowhere to be found! Dejected from the experience she goes back to her empty lot.


The snow is starting to pile on her home lot. Cold and shivering Ryleah walks to the mail box and submits her newest book.

“Oh I hope I make some simoleons off of this! Please let it be close to 100 simoleons.” Ryleah had high hopes for her book. With nothing to do she goes and lays down in the snow and make a snow angel. She had fun feeling like a kid again as the snow falls softly down from the sky.

My new journey. It’s been a rough day, but tomorrow will get better and the next day after that. It will keep on getting better. I have a dream and I’m going to stick to it.

She stares up in the sky for a bit before getting up from her snow angel.

I’m going to need to find a place to sleep tonight.

She starts to wander off her property and goes on a search.


She stares at the bench in distain.

Well this is the best I could find under the circumstances. She sighs and lies down on the bench. She wiggled this way and that way until she got comfortable and falls asleep as the snow falls on her.

March 21st, 2020

She wakes up multiple times that night. It’s not like the bench is the most comfortable place to sleep. After 6 am she gave up on sleep and decides to start her day early.

Ryleah walks back to her lot and sees some people standing on the cusp of her lawn. She smiles and wave at them. They wave back. She runs up to them.

“Hi I’m Ryleah” she holds her hand out. She’s a bit confused as to why they were on her property but she doesn’t question the company.

“I’m Justin and this is my wife Supriya. We came by because we notice that someone bought this property and wanted to welcome them to the neighbourhood!”

“That’s so thoughtful of you! Thank you for coming on by!”

“Here I brought you a family heirloom of ours!” Justin shows Ryleah the fruitcake.

“It looks delicious! Let me try some!” Ryleah responds.

Ryleah take a plate of the fruit cake and eats the fruit cake.

“So what do you think of it?” Justin asks

“It’s…delicious!” She gulps it down.

Oh my god that had to be the worst think I have ever tasted before!

”I’m glad you like it! I’ll make it for you some time again”

“Mhm… sounds.. Great” Ryleah strains a smile.

They all talked and played in the snow of her empty lot.

3 hours blew by so fast and soon they were hugging each other and saying goodbye.

When they left, Ryleah felt more alone standing on her empty lot, by herself.

…To be Continued.

Wednesday, May 6, 2020

100 Generations Legacy Challenge Episode 1

March 20, 2020

It was a windy morning in the cold start of winter. The high winds streamed through Ryleah Valencia’s hair as she looked upon her empty lot. Her home away from home now. She liked it here. She gets her own private beach and lives in a town full of cute stray pets! Maybe she’l adopt one of them. She sigh when she felt a touch of snow on her cheek and looked up into the cloudy sky. Soft snow drifted down as if welcoming her to her new home. With not a simoleon in her pocket her empty lot will remain empty for now.

“Well, I guess I must find myself a job” She mutters to herself.

She googled for hiring position on her phone and luckily enough found a job right away! They hired her on the spot! She was quite happy, considering she will make 31 simoleons an hour. She receives an email that details what she will do in her new tech guru career. She looks at the assignments.

“I get to play video games for work? This is awesome!” She laughs and quickly enters a mobile phone game. She played for a couple minutes before she got bored of the repetitive game. She looks at her new schedule for work.

“Two days! I have to wait two days to make some simoleons! That’s crazy! Where am I going to sleep and take care of myself? I’m basically homeless!” She exclaims to her phone.

Well looks like I need some quick simoleons. I might as well check the odd jobs.

She scrolls through her phone again and see two potential odd jobs.

Oh bonsai cutting? I can totally do that! Oh I only need level 1 skill in gardening. I can do it without the experience! How hard can it be? It’s 23 simoleons an hour too! I’ll make enough for a tent hopefully!

She accepts the job. She has 30 minutes until her odd job begins. During this time she plays on her phone on her empty lot.

Her phone alarm rings letting her know its time for work and she is off to her first odd job!


And she’s back!

So soon.

Too soon.

Ryleah looks down in near defeat, almost as if she were going to cry.

Well that was so embarrassing! My bonsai was so bad that the client said she will have nightmares! Who knew it would be so hard! Well note to self, make sure I have the requirements for the job! Well at least I made 17 simoleons from that harrowing experience.

I need to find another odd job.

Ryleah went back into search for a new odd job.

“Oh this one lets me go to Sulani for free! Wow, I can’t wait to go!” She quickly accepts the capturing of frogs odd job.

She books her flight to Sulani and off she goes on a new adventure.


“Whoa! Sulani is beautiful!” she exclaims once she arrived.

Now time to catch me some frogs! She looks around bemused.

So, where do I catch frogs? She looks at the ad in the odd jobs section again. She looks around and spots the water fall from across the small body of water.

Oh it says they are near the water fall! Okay I’ll change into my swimsuit then head over.

Ryleah changes and runs into the water.  The water feels so refreshing compare to the hot air. She swims to the water and notices all the little frogs around. She attempts to catch them one by one until she has capture all the frogs she needed. She looks and her phone and sends a picture of the frogs to the client. The client loves it and pays her the simoleons and the client gave her a 9 simoleons tip!

She hops around in excitement now that she has simoleons in her pocket.

She realizes that she has some needs to attend to and quickly locates the nearest outhouse.

After she is refresh she contemplates on what to do next.

Hmm… you know…. Writing books makes a lot of money and you get royalties for it every day! Maybe I should go to Willow Creek and write a book – and to look for cute nerdy man. A girl has needs to you know!

And so she books a flight to Willow Creek.


Ryleah arrives at Willow Creek Archives. She walks in and admire some clearly taken man sitting at a computer and takes the computer across from him. She starts so idle chit chat but it was clearly a bust when he mention that he was married and left the computer station of another one.

She moped but began working on her new children’s book. She called it: Never Eat Your Pet Turtle and Other Advise for Kindergarten. She thinks her book will make so much simoleons, but with a title like that… well… we all know it’s doomed to fail.

As she happily works and cute nerdy boy enters the library. He is definitely her type. He sits next to her table and plays chess by himself. She strikes up a polite introduction. He gave a nice reply back! Awesome! Score for Ryleah!

I should talk to him about how cold it’s gotten. People talk about the weather all the time!

“It’s gotten cold lately! I can feel it in my bones! What about you?”

He nodded and gave a slight smile.

“Oh did you know that Judith is here! I’m a huge fan of hers!” Ryleah changes the subject. 

He replied on his positive thoughts of Judith Ward.

“You know, I think you are a great guy! It’s so nice that I met you!” Ryleah compliments him.

She continues to work on her story and they chatted some more. He gets up to leave.

“Wait!” Ryleah calls out. He stops and comes back to her table.

“Are you by any chance single?” She touches his hand and looks up to him.

“I’m sorry but I’m marry to my beautiful wife Mele.”

Ryleah felt disappointment rush through her.

“No It’s okay! I give you the best regards to your wife” She smiles. He turns to leave and she sulks back into her book.

Soon after another man sits beside her.

She turns to him and introduces herself.

Oh my! He is so handsome. Oh I hope you are single! Ryleah exclaims as she gave him a smile.

They sit and talk for a while, she turns off her computer, the book all done. She flirts with him and he is accepting all her advances. As time goes by the sun slowly starts to set.

“Hey, do you want to go star gazing with me?” Ryleah asks Cameron bravely. He smiles and nods. They head out and lay on the sidewalk in front of the library.

They look at the stars, point at a constellation, talk and laugh in between each other. Ryleah couldn’t find this to be any more romantic.

After Cameron help her back to her feet. She jump and could contain her giggle. Cameron is just so dang cute. They bid farewell.

Ryleah stands on the side of the sidewalk and now in search of a place to shower and sleep. She decides to head to the pool in Windenburg!

To Be Continued….

First Selfie

Tuesday, May 5, 2020

Introducing Me!

Hiya Everyone! 

I am new to this! I am part of the Sims community and I go by KaeSims on Twitter, Youtube and in the Simmers Squad Discord! I like to play lots of video games, read and binge watch Netflix. I am an Aquarius! In the which is better dogs or cats and I gotta say....I'm like 70% Cat person! I do love dogs and find them adorable, but ultimately cats are way better!
Now enough about myself and let's move on to what's really important! What this blog is going to be about!

I'm going to try and make a blog for my 100 Generations Let's Play that I have on YouTube. This will be very fun to do and I hope you all enjoy my little snips of the story to my let's play!

Here you will get the inner most deeper thoughts of our wonderful Founder Ryleah Valencia and her many heir descendants as we go through the let's play! 

I hope you all enjoy them!

My Youtube channel is:  
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And if you are interested my Gallery ID is KaeSims_YT!

I hope you come and support me on these other platforms as well! I'm always up to making new friends! 


Video Games I like to play
The Sims
Life is Strange
Fire Emblem
Legend of Zelda
Persona Series
Animal Crossing
All Quantic Dream Games.
Horizon: Zero Dawn
Just to name a few :D